Sales is like oxygen for your business; by doing it every day, you fuel the fire that makes your business thrive.

Every time you speak to a potential client, you are moving toward a sales goal.

  • Every time you post on social media.

  • Every time you introduce yourself at a networking event.

Yes, EVERY time, you are having a sales conversation.

This does NOT mean that every time you open your mouth you push a product or service on someone.

In fact, when you realize that sales can come naturally to you, maybe even that you are already doing it naturally, then you will understand that having a sales conversation isn’t about ‘pushing’ anything. Because, sales is to business, like oxygen is to breathing.

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“Sales is the spark to feed the fire of business growth.” -
-Katie Nelson, The Sales Catalyst

Sales is just sharing your solution!


When we focus on the close or the money, it can make us tense up and feel awkward. You might feel like you are suffocating the connection and natural flow of conversation.

All prospect conversations should start freely and are an opportunity to connect with another individual or business owner. That can be the FUN in your work. Sales is about sharing your solution with someone in a way that excites them, inspires them, and makes them want to choose you!


As your business coach, we work together to be accountable in moving toward the freedom of what our business could be when profitable and in demand. If being a successful, Rockstar and on- fire business owner is what you want, then Sales UpRising is your resource to help you light the spark in your sales!

With her rock star sales coaching, Katie has put my company on a growth trajectory that I didn’t think was possible. She took an objective look at my goals and where the sales funnel was falling apart and helped me create a clear path to an awesome, streamlined, and impactful sales process. Now I will be able to grow my company by at least 68% in the next year. Not bad for someone who used to shy away from “sales” and “numbers”.
— Monika Jansen, Jansen Communications

Hear from Katie

Katie Nelson shares her love for sales and business by delivering authentic and energetic talks for business owners, business groups, and conferences alike. She has spoken at the Tower Club, Virginia Women’s Business Conference and more. Audiences leave motivated and understanding that success is not only possible but possible for each of them!

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