Welcome Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to enjoy abundant personal and financial freedom and make a meaningful, positive impact in the world (and have a total blast doing it, too!)? If you want to be (or already are) in this elite group of the Top 6 percent of thriving entrepreneurs – make no mistake – THIS MASTERMIND IS FOR YOU!

Here is what I already know about YOU…

Entrepreneurs are some of the most courageous, creative, sassy and incredible human beings on the planet – And the world needs you right now, in all your glory!


Unfortunately, I also know that most entrepreneurs struggle and fail to thrive.

Did you know that in the United States today, as few as 10 percent of entrepreneurs ever achieve 6 figure revenues? That is scary!

Revenue is not equal to take home dollars. Clearly, there are way too many struggling entrepreneurs!

In my many rewarding years in business, I have watched entrepreneurs:

  • Be seriously good at their craft, but lack adequate business building skills.

  • Long to make a difference, but struggle to find enough clients.

  • Work hard to build their business, and yet unknowingly pour their energy and money into strategies that won’t work for them. So sad!

  • Struggle to focus and choose the best strategies that will actually get results

  • Deal with a lot of isolation and loneliness, which can breed fear and failure to take action

  • Lack proven business-building strategies that get results, usually in niche and messaging, client attraction, pricing, packaging, scaling and staffing.

I am fascinated with the Top 6 percent of entrepreneurs that truly thrive. I call this the Top 6 Club – And I’ve brought it to Northern VA for you.

After launching multiple businesses, I’ve likely already encountered the challenges you face.

As a member of my TOP 6 CLUB, I give you everything necessary to minimize – even avoid – the predictable roadblocks you will encounter.

Finally – You Can Stop Struggling and Truly Thrive!

This unique Top 6 Mastermind Program is available to you right now and will greatly increase your odds of successfully building a business. (And most graduates agree that what they discovered also changed many other aspects of their life in a very powerful way!)

Ready to Ignite Your Success?

If you want to know more about joining the Top 6 Club of Northern Virginia, I would love to talk with you! 

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