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"Sales is my love language."

When most business owners think of sales, they think of selling. I think of sales as a critical indicator of the health of your business. How you are doing in sales speaks to the health of your company. I take a holistic view of your business, starting with your sales numbers.


With her rock star sales coaching, Katie has put my company on a growth trajectory that I didn’t think was possible. She took an objective look at my goals and where the sales funnel was falling apart and helped me create a clear path to an awesome, streamlined, and impactful sales process. Now I will be able to grow my company by at least 68% in the next year. Not bad for someone who used to shy away from “sales” and “numbers”.
— Monika, Business Owner

Hear from Katie

Katie Nelson delivers authentic and energetic talks for business owners, organizations, and at conferences. She has spoken at the Tower Club, Virginia Women’s Business Conference and more. Recent talks include: Show Me the Clients and Be Real. Generate Revenue