Believe! Your Sales Secret Weapon

Believe! Your Sales Secret Weapon

Believe in the product you are selling! According to every article or book about sales, this is the key to success. While there’s some truth to this, even more important than believing in what you are selling is believing in YOURSELF!

This is what I tell every business owner I work with: No matter how great your product or service, if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will and your business will go nowhere.

Learning to Believe in Yourself

Have you ever considered how easily children learn to believe in Santa? As a kid, you couldn’t help but believe that jolly, old fellow would deliver you the BB Gun your parents had been denying you.

Unfortunately, while it’s easy to say, “I believe!”  saying it is not helpful, especially when you don’t feel it. So how do you get from point A to point B?

The usual answer borrowed from old school sales advice is “fake it ‘til you make it.” The idea here is if you don’t feel successful now, just do what successful people do and eventually, your internal experience will match your external expression.

Here’s the problem with the “fake it ‘til you make it” sales: you’ll only make it if you are taking real steps forward. Perhaps carrying yourself differently and focusing on changing your body language could give you the confidence to see yourself as the knowledgeable expert you are.

But if your idea of faking it includes lying to yourself, then things will not turn out so rosy. Regardless of how hard you try to bury your beliefs, they are still in your subconscious ready to pounce and create anxiety. And that anxiety will show in your performance.

To really make it at sales, you’ve got to get rid of the beliefs holding you back. So replace “fake it ‘til you make it” with “believe it and make it happen.”

What are you doing to prove you believe in yourself?

Since we are talking about sales success, it’s not enough to convince yourself that you believe. You also have to convince others. How do you show it? What are you doing to prove it?

1. Are you asking for the buy?

When clients come to me asking how to get their sales numbers up, my first question is whether they are asking for the sale. If you have ever been close to buying a product, say at the cosmetics counter at the mall, but then you are suddenly walking away empty handed, it’s most likely because no one asked you to buy the product.

Whether you are selling cosmetics or Cadillacs, asking for the sale is a sign that you are confident, proactive, and professional. Don’t sit back and wait for your customer to ask you if they can buy from you. Go out and ASK!

2. Are you pushing your team forward?

At a very basic level, sales is all about developing relationships. But most business owners focus on external relationships and forget that internal relationships are just as important for moving forward.

One of the best ways to prove that you believe in yourself is to inspire confidence in others. If you aren’t pushing your team forward, it’s a sign that you are afraid of something and that something could be that you don’t believe you can support them as your business grows.

3. Remember where you started!

When you started your business, or took that new Sales Manager position, you believed that it would be successful! Starting out you had the best ideas, the best product, and all the energy in the world to go and conquer. Remember the belief that you brought in the beginning and use it to propel you and your sales team to close those deals!  

Go back to the starting line, feel the rush of adrenaline that said, “I GOT THIS!” Use that to ask for the sale, meet that new client, and add those others to your pipeline.

Once you remember where you started, you are closer to Making it Happen!

There is no time like today to start believing in yourself!  At Sales UpRising, we may not be able to convince Santa that you still believe in him, but we do know how to help you learn to believe in YOURSELF and how to turn that belief into sales!

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