Everything is Sales


Everything is sales. Sales is everything.

I have been in sales for a very long time. One of the things I’ve noticed is all of the titles we’ve come up with for “Salesperson”.  Do you even know someone who is a “salesperson”? Do you know someone who is “in sales”? What is their title?  Account Manager? Business Development Manager? Customer Service?  It is like society shies away from the concept of sales, so we have to cover it up by calling it something else.  Not me, I am in sales.  I see sales everywhere, all day.  Everything is sales. Sales is everything.

Meet my Waiter, He’s in Sales.

I am writing this blog while being waited on by a waiter I have known for 10 years.  I walked up to the restaurant where I have my next prospective client lunch and I looked up and there he was, big grin on his face.  He hasn’t always been at the same bar or restaurant.  He’s had a, maybe, 3-mile radius that he’s worked in for all of that time.  I bump into him around town, usually when he is on his way to work, or coming from it.  We know each other.  Whenever I, happily and surprisingly, run into him, I always make sure I sit in his section.  Why?  We have a relationship.  It started with a smile over an appetizer (or a cocktail, who can remember?) one day in early 2007, I liked his service, and it has gone on like that from there. The waiter, Shawn, is in sales.

Everyone is in Sales.

I know, you may be confused, I said he was my waiter/bartender.  But do you really think that is all there is to it?  Do I tip ridiculously over the norm because he is just “some waiter” or “some bartender”.  Or is it because if he sees me walking into the café near where he works he shouts, “Have a nice day, Katie!” He and I have a relationship, and everything is sales!

Yes, Even You, are in Sales.

You are selling when you go into a restaurant and smile and are nice to your wait staff.  In return for being polite, and maybe (if you are really selling it), authentically interested in them, don’t you get a service upgrade? Everything is sales.

Call It What you will – Sales is a Part of Your Every Day.

What about when you are getting your kids to do their homework?  One of my favorite neighbors told me that her secret to success when negotiating is offering Starbucks for homework. And when her daughter was older, the ability to be the family driver to and from the grocery store!  She has a close ratio of 100% on getting her kid to do her homework. Everything is sales, everyone is a salesperson.

Sales is Everything. Everything is Sales.

Don’t believe that everything is sales? That everyone is a salesperson? I dare you to give me a call. If you feel passionately about growing your business, sales is the key – no matter what the industry, I can put you on the track to growth.