Katie Nelson,
Your Sales Catalyst

Sales is my love language, it is what drives me, it is like oxygen. I realize that most people hold that they are afraid of sales, that they feel that they can’t do it. Maybe it feels too hard or complicated. I believe that sales can be easy, even natural. When you embrace your inner sales person, you create a spark in your business and increase your profits simply by sharing your genius in a way that moves people to take action. From boosting your qualified prospects pipeline to increasing your closed sales within one year. You have the skills inside you to accomplish your business goals – you just have to own it!

I have spent the majority of my 25 years in sales working with the small business community. I believe that you can be excited about sales (Yes - truly excited!), and your natural sales person will shine through.

I help business owners acknowledge and embrace the fact that no matter what your industry or your title, you are already selling. Every day.

Sales UpRising provides you with tips and tricks to help you identify your business needs, create custom programming around more efficient sales pipelines, and create a profitable structure for your business strategy including a sales process.

Moreover, I offer accountability to help you create and maintain high energy around sales, keep you focused on your goals, and progress toward the commitment of consistent sales. Together, we can shift your mindset around sales so that you can boost profitability and enjoy nearly immediate results and set your business growth on fire!