Transformational Retreats

You know it. I know it. We all need to take a break from running our business to work on our business. Explore the unique and high-impact retreats below.

"Double shot" retreat

So many things to do, people to see, the beauty and wonder that this time of year brings...AND, we're off!! The New Year starts with such excitement, promise and energy! AND then, we stop! By the end of January you are worn out from trying to create the holidays, life and business of your dreams.

Your goals are within sight but you've lost:
-Your Motivation
-Your Energy

*Instead of excitement, there's exhaustion.
*Instead of activity, there's inaction.

😱If you don't do something, your goals will slip further away and another year will pass without accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

Well, NOT in 2018!

It's for this VERY reason Rita Goodroe, Founder of Women's Business Garden and I have created the "Double Shot Retreat!"


What you need most is:


🔥 so that you can REIGNITE your body, mind and business!

🌊 We are going to give that to you AND we are going to do it in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina! (peep the pics below - beautiful isn't it...and it is all for you!!)

The beach, masterminding, teaching, implementing, pivoting, up-leveling and (most importantly) taking a mini-break from the people and environments that are draining so that you can re-energize and step into a stronger, bolder and more powerful version of you!!

This is what happens when you surround yourself with dynamic women and strong mentorship. You not only see yourself reaching that next level you start to immediately realize it!

February 21-24th is when all of this is going to go down, so PM me if you want to be on the list to be among the first to get all the inside scoop on how to make 2018 the BEST YEAR YET!