Initial sales consultation

We will walk through your current sales cycle at a high level and determine two immediate action items that you can use to get your sales game back on track. You will receive a summary report of the initial consult and insights to get you started.


Sales 101 for the Entrepreneur

This ½ day session is a foundational working session to help a business owner understand where sales and marketing intersect and how they are different for their business. You will come away with a clear understanding of sales and we will deliver an outline of your sales process. The outcome will be a written sales plan and what it means for your business.


The Top 6 Mastermind

Are you a solopreneur and frustrated that you seem stuck at generating five figures for your business? This program is about getting solopreneurs to six-figures faster. Katie can help you navigate the stumbling blocks that are keeping you stuck in the five figure range.


Start Your UpRising: Custom Engagement

This includes an initial sales consult and we determine what type of engagements works best for you. Once we assess what you have, we will create custom solutions that raise your sales game. This could include elements of the Sales 101, customizing your sales process, or even a deeper assessment for conversations like “Selling after the No”, “Relationship Selling”, and beyond.